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Death, Cremation, & Grief

In this episode of Theology Applied, Michael Foster joins the show to provide a biblical framework for how Christians should view death, including burial and cremation. Ministry Sponsors: PaxMail – Email & Docs For A Free PeopleUse the link below for a special offer of $5 per month: Squirrelly Joes Coffee – Caffeinating The Modern ReformationGet 20% off your first
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“The Lie Of Necessity”

When tyranny abounds, Christians must be all the more diligent to be “innocent as doves and shrewd as serpents.” So…

Joel Webbon

November 27, 2022

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When Our Faith Is Tested

To live by faith (or to do anything by faith) is to be governed by a dependence on God’s grace…

Joel Webbon

November 6, 2022

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