Responding To Controversies

Over the years, I've found myself in the middle of a few kerfuffles. Many of you have been following my ministry for a while now. By the grace of God, “Joel Webbon Derangement Syndrome” hasn't fully set in, and so, you are genuinely asking for honest answers to valid questions. This is for you. This is also for any newcomers who are intrigued, but have heard some of the rumors. I'm hopeful that the following content will serve to resolve your concerns.

*Disclaimer: Over the course of my marriage, there has been one time where I asked my wife not to read a particular book. The book was on paedobaptism.

This video explains why I made this decision.

*Spoiler Alert: No. I believe women should learn just as much theology as men.

In this video, I flesh out my views on the matter, and explain why there has been some confusion surrounding my stance.

In this video, Pastor Doug Wilson and I draw out the specific distinctions between Complementarianism and Biblical Patriarchy. We also make the case for why Christians should keep the word “patriarchy” in their vocabulary.

In this video, Pastor Doug Wilson and I carefully define our terms. We also clearly reject many of the common misrepresentations surrounding the topic of Christian Nationalism.

I also had the privilege of being one of the lead editors for The Statement On Christian Nationalism & The Gospel. This statement clearly defines Christian Nationalism, and fully encompasses all my views on the subject.

*Spoiler Alert: Yes. There is a world of difference.

In this video I make all the important distinctions abundantly clear.

*Spoiler Alert: No. I believe Christian parents, particularly fathers, who are failing in their duties to protect and provide for their children, and could remedy this problem by relocating but deliberately choose not to, are being foolish. The Apostle Paul calls these men apostates who are “worse than an unbeliever.” In the spirit of charity, I opted to merely call these men “stupid.”

To discover my full views on the subject, you can download a free pdf of my ebook Fight By Flight here: 

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