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“Radical” Missions, “Hyper” Hospitality, & Evangelical Suicide

Rahab and her family became proselytes (converts to the God of Israel). They were not merely permitted to live in Israel as pagans. Instead, they embraced not only the culture of Israel, but also the religion of Israel. Their conversion was an immediate prerequisite, but their full assimilation took even longer.
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How To Start A Christian Podcast

In this episode of Theology Applied, Dawain Atkinson, Founder of the B.A.R. Network (Biblical And Reformed Network), provides guidance for…

Joel Webbon

January 18, 2022

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How To Identify A Cult

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel Webbon hosts a conversation with the hosts of Cultish about how to…

Joel Webbon

July 28, 2021

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