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How One Household Can Rival A King

In this episode of Theology Applied, David Reece joins the show to talk about how one household, when delighting in the Law of the Lord, can become an powerful bulwark against the evils of our day. Livestream our conference by suypporting us on Patreon for $10.⁠⁠ Ministry SponsorsArmored Republic – ⁠⁠Honoring Christ by equipping Free Men with the tools of
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Keep Your Kids

Pastor Jared Longshore presented the first message at the Right Response Ministries Fall 2023 Conference – “The Household And The…

Right Response Staff

December 5, 2023

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Quit LARPing & Be A Man

Like Jacob the Patriarch, real men wrestle with God. They don’t pick fights with someone half their size.…

Right Response Staff

November 14, 2023

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