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Understanding The Divine Counsel And The Nephilim

In this episode of Theology Applied, Doug Van Dorn joins the show to explain the biblical account of the “divine counsel,” and how it relates to the nephilim. Ministry Sponsors:PaxMail – Email & Docs For A Free PeopleUse the link below for a special offer of $5 per month: Squirrelly Joes Coffee – Caffeinating The Modern ReformationGet 20% off your
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Can Angels Procreate With Women?

In this episode of Theology Applied, Tim Chaffey joins the show to thoroughly dismantle every objection from Christians who say…

Joel Webbon

February 12, 2024

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Quit LARPing & Be A Man

Like Jacob the Patriarch, real men wrestle with God. They don’t pick fights with someone half their size.…

Right Response Staff

November 14, 2023

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