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How Pastor Joel Webbon Became A Calvinist | Romans 9:13

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Scripture: Romans 9:13
Topics: Assurance of Salvation,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Romans 9:13 says, “…Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.” In this brief video, Pastor Joel Webbon shares the story of how God took a verse that he once despised and caused it become one of the sweetest verses in the Bible to him.

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Can A Christian Love Their Own People More Than Others?

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Scripture: Galatians 6:10Luke 10:25-37Romans 9:3
Topics: Assurance of Salvation, Assurance of Salvation, Culture & Politics, Love, Loving the Saints,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

I’m this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel is joined by Samuel Sey. Their topic of discussion is an interesting one – Scripture clearly commands us to love all people, but does Scripture include a command to prioritize our own people in our loves?