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Is Equality A Worthy Pursuit?

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Scripture: Matthew 11:20-21
Topics: Justice,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

What is equality? Should it be held as a virtue? Should it be pursued? Where there be equality in the new heaven and the new earth? Or will hierarchy among humans continue into eternity? All of these questions are addressed in this episode of Questions.

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How “Soft Men” Cause Destruction | with Eric Conn

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Scripture: Matthew 11:7-12
Topics: Justice, Justice, Biblical Manhood, Culture & Politics,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Under President Donald Trump there was peace in the Middle East, and stability between Russia and Ukraine. But thanks to President “Empathy” (Joe Biden) Afghanistan has crumbled, Russia is invading Ukraine, and China is licking its chops while looking at Taiwan. AMERICANS HAD A CHOICE: 1) Global peace and nation-wide liberty with an unsavory Twitter feed, or… 2) The appearance …