How “Soft Men” Cause Destruction | with Eric Conn

In by Joel Webbon

Under President Donald Trump there was peace in the Middle East, and stability between Russia and Ukraine. But thanks to President “Empathy” (Joe Biden) Afghanistan has crumbled, Russia is invading Ukraine, and China is licking its chops while looking at Taiwan.


1) Global peace and nation-wide liberty with an unsavory Twitter feed, or…

2) The appearance of empathy at the cost of millions of lives being threatened by tyranny all over the world.

Thanks to the “discipleship” of our Effeminate Evangelical Leaders, Americans chose the second option. What we’ve learned is this: Soft Men can cause just as much harm (or even more) than Hard Men.

In today’s episode of Theology Applied, Eric Conn (host of the Hard Men Podcast) joins Pastor Joel Webbon to explore the deadly effects of “Empathy” and “Soft Men.”