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Harvested Eggs, Rented Wombs, & Sterilized Adolescents

In this episode of Theology Applied, Delano Squires from The Blaze and I discuss one of his recent articles where he wrote these powerful words: “[According to Progressives,] societies don’t suffer from too much sin; their problem is not enough Caesar… They believe the desires of adults should always take precedence over the needs of children… This is the dystopian
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How The Church Idolizes Women

In this episode of Theology Applied, Samuel Sey (SlowToWrite) joins Pastor Joel to discuss our nation’s idolatrous worship of women.…

Joel Webbon

May 24, 2022

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Rebuilding The Patriarchy

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel sits down for a conversation with Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant from…

Joel Webbon

March 3, 2021

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The Seed and the Gospel

This week Benjamin R. Merkle, the President of New Saint Andrews College, teaches on Genesis 2:4-7. His focus was on…

Ben Merkle

July 6, 2019