Tim Keller’s Problem Isn’t His Embrace Of Abraham Kuyper, It’s His Embrace Of Karl Marx | with David McLeod & Chris Hwang

In by Joel Webbon

In this episode of Theology Applied, Chris Hwang, David McLeod, and Pastor Joel Webbon share their personal stories of how each of them were significantly shaped by Timothy Keller’s public ministry, and why each of them walked away. At first there was a temptation to reject the Kuyperian sentiment of “all of Christ for all of life,” thinking that this was vulnerability that led towards theological compromise. Over time, each of these three men eventually realized that the problem was never Kuyper, it was Marx. By God’s grace, now Chris Hwang and David McLeod are spending their lives to redeem every sphere of life – with their targets set on the Arts. To this end, they’ve embarked on a brand new endeavor called “Every Good Work” (EveryGoodWork.art)

EveryGoodWork.art is an e-commerce marketplace for exclusive fine art originals and affordable studio-quality prints – they’re seeking to reclaim art for everyday people again.

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Pastor Joel + EGW Collab: