Harvested Eggs, Rented Wombs, & Sterilized Adolescents

In by Joel Webbon

In this episode of Theology Applied, Delano Squires from The Blaze and I discuss one of his recent articles where he wrote these powerful words:

“[According to Progressives,] societies don’t suffer from too much sin; their problem is not enough Caesar… They believe the desires of adults should always take precedence over the needs of children… This is the dystopian future of butchered babies, harvested eggs, rented wombs, and sterilized adolescents. Charles Darwin would probably describe this entire agenda as “artificial selection” because there is nothing natural about a species that sees the death and destruction of its young as a sign of social progress… The denial of objective truth is a rejection of God. There is a straight line from biological evolution to political revolution to cultural devolution.“ -Delano Squires