Dave Rubin: Why “Conservative” Is Not Enough

In by Joel Webbon

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel Webbon is joined by Delano Squires (contributor for The Blaze) for a conversation about “conservatives” and their blatant acceptance (and even applause) for LGBTQIALMNOP issues, including Dave Rubin’s recent announcement.

“If 100 men in peak physical condition were stranded on an island with 100 transgender women, in 100 years not a single person on the island would be alive and no new generations would have been created.

That’s a fact, not an attack. The question we should answer as a society is whether enshrining such radical changes in our laws and culture is a sign of progress. In 15 years, there will be thousands of adults with serious mental illness and conversion regret who will be rightfully upset at the adults who failed to tell them the truth in love. Some of these individuals will be missing hunks of flesh from their legs and other parts of their bodies that were used to fashion artificial sex organs.

Christian leaders who are largely silent on these issues are neither loving nor kind. The evangelical church should be taking the lead in answering those questions, but an honest observer can see the unspoken compact between the sacred and secular realms that has developed over time.”

-Delano Squires