America’s Fate: The Rise & Fall of Empires

Psalm 86
Joel Webbon

God sovereignly determines the boundaries of nations, as well as their lifespan. Throughout history, the average lifespan of national empires has been approximately 250 years. From the Assyrian Empire to the Ottoman Empire, each appears to follow the same trend: 1) The Age of Pioneers, 2) The Age of Conquests, 3) The Age of Commerce, 4) The Age of Affluence, 5) The Age of Intellect, and 6) The Age of Decadence & Decay. This final stage is always marked by a departure from religion, frivolous materialism, and a massive influx of immigration and the welfare state. America has officially reached the 250 year mark and seemingly checks all the boxes of the Age of Decadence & Decay. So is America’s time up? Is it too late to repent? And most importantly, what effect will America’s fate have on the Church of Jesus Christ?