Roe Is Dead | Why The Church Must Celebrate & Secure The Victory

Joshua 6:6-21
Joel Webbon

It is not enough to obey God in part. The people of Israel witnessed God’s deliverance of victory with the crumbling of the walls of Jericho, but they were then expected to secure that victory by putting all the inhabitants of the city to death. To often, the people of God are content to merely subdue sin, rather than mortify it. We cry out to the Lord, trust in his promises, witness his powerful deliverance, but then allow our sin to live. We are satisfied to capture sin, but unwilling to deliver the death blow. Instead, we make provisions for the flesh, so that sin might still be available to us at some point in the future. We must be ruthless in our individual sanctification to mortify sin. And we must be just as ruthless with societal crimes, especially abortion. Roe is dead, but the victory must be secured.