Building An Ark For The Saving Of Your Household

2 Peter 2 Genesis 6:9-12 Hebrews 11:7
Joel Webbon

In order to be a faithful Christian, each of us must be willing and prepared to stand alone. We will all repeatedly face pressure to violate God’s standards and go along with the crowd. In the workplace, our associates will likely engage in blasphemous speech and immoral activities, and occasionally, they will urge us to join them. At family gatherings over the holidays, the rest of the family may ridicule us for our theological convictions and commitments to godly parenting. In these settings, how will we respond? No one likes to be ridiculed or rejected. We all want to be liked and included. At some time or another, each of us will be tempted to simply go along with the crowd rather than to stand alone for Jesus Christ. However, if we choose to yield, we dishonor Christ and forfeit our distinctive witness for our Savior. In light of this, there is perhaps no greater example of a man who stood alone than Noah. Imagine what it would be like to be the only godly family on earth. Noah’s life teaches us that Christians must be willing and prepared to stand alone in the midst of an evil age, and that the secret to accomplishing this is to establish a consistent pattern of daily walking with God.