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How Democrats Won The Culture

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Scripture: Psalm 106Psalm 106:34-46
Topics: Culture & Politics, Resisting Temptation,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Israel became enslaved by pagan nations because they mingled with them in compromise. And Israel mingled with pagan nations because they pitied them (Psalm 106:34-46). Unrighteous pity is the downfall of American Evangelicalism.

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How America Became Enslaved | Psalm 106

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Scripture: Psalm 106
Topics: Culture & Politics, Resisting Temptation, Culture & Politics, Resisting Temptation, Mortification of Sin, Resisting Temptation, Confrontation, Justice, Resisting Temptation, Spiritual Warfare, Worldliness,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

“When [Israel] had got the good land God had promised them they had no zeal against the wicked inhabitants whom the Lord commanded them to extirpate, pretending pity; but so merciful is God that no man needs to be in any case more compassionate than he.” -Matthew Henry