Calling Out “WOKE” Preachers By Name!

In by Joel Webbon

A few months ago, Pastor Joel Webbon produced an episode of Theology Applied with special guest, Justin Peters, titled “Calling Out False Teachers By Name.” In this episode, Pastor Joel chose NOT to call out certain major leaders in American Evangelicalism who have been pedaling the “woke gospel,” also known as the “social-justice gospel.” Since that time, Pastor Joel has experienced conviction from the Holy Spirit regarding his decision. The “social-justice gospel” is every bit as dangerous as the “prosperity gospel” (if not even more dangerous, due to its subtle and deceptive nature). Therefore, as a fruit of repentance, Pastor Joel has invited Jon Harris (an individual who is well-versed on the dangers of social-justice, critical race theory, and “wokeology”) to join him in boldly calling out “woke” preachers by name. Their purpose is to lovingly protect Christ’s sheep from this pervasive heresy in the American Church today.