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Honoring Fathers By Covering Their Nakedness

Scripture: Exodus 20:12
Topics: Guilt & Shame, Parenting,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Because we live in a fallen world, some fathers are especially difficult to honor. In this short video, Pastor Joel explains how to honor a dishonorable father.

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What Pastors Refused To Tell Their Churches During Covid

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17Matthew 22:37-40
Topics: Guilt & Shame, Parenting, Guilt & Shame, Parenting, Culture & Politics, Doctrine of the Law, Loving the Saints, Contributor: Joel Webbon

During Covid, there was one simple truth from Scripture that every church desperately needed to hear from their pastor, but the vast majority of these pastors refused to tell them. For some pastors it was ignorance, for others it was intentional deceit.

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The End Of Feminism Was Always Transgenderism

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-31Genesis 2:1-25Genesis 3:1-24
Topics: Guilt & Shame, Parenting, Guilt & Shame, Parenting, Culture & Politics, Culture & Politics, Assurance of Salvation, Personal Holiness, Assurance of Salvation, Biblical Manhood, Biblical Womanhood, Doctrine of the Law, Doctrine of Eschatology, Doctrine of Sanctification, Doctrine of Sin, False Doctrine, False Doctrine, Contributor: Joel Webbon

Just as Socialism is the foretaste of Communism, Egalitarianism is the foretaste of Androgyny. In other words, the logical end of Feminism was always Transgenderism.