Baptists, Presbyterians, Covenant Theology, & Christian Nationalism

Joshua 5:1-12
Joel Webbon

The circumcision of Israel, and their following observance of the Passover, signified the renewal of the covenant between Israel and God. In a similar fashion, my prayer is that in my lifetime I might be granted the privilege of witnessing a renewal of the covenant between America and God. This would not be the New Covenant, which God reserves only for individuals by regeneration. Neither would this be the Old Covenant, which God uniquely established with Israel according to the flesh under the Old Testament. And yet, to insist that nations today cannot establish any covenant with the Triune God is a foolish notion. Not only is it possible, but in the case of America, it has already been done. The goal of every Christian in America should not be “MAC” (“Make America Christian”), but “MACA” (“Make America Christian… AGAIN”).