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Should Women Be Deacons?

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Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:8-13Acts 6:1-6
Topics: Biblical Womanhood, Deacons,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Every Reformed Church seems to hold that only men should be Elders. However, these same churches seem divided on the question of whether or not women can be Deacons. So does the Bible allow for female Deacons, or not?

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Should Churches Be Governed By The Congregation?

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Scripture: Acts 6:1-6Matthew 18:15-17Matthew 18:17-20
Topics: Deacons, Deacons, Church Polity, Deacons, Elders, Biblical Womanhood, Biblical Womanhood, Submission to Authority,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

What degree of authority should the members of a congregation have in their local church? Should pastors/elders have authority over everything, or should the congregation bear some measure of authority? If so, what specific things should the members of a congregation have authority over?