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How Does God Speak Today?

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Scripture: 1 Samuel 15:22
Topics: Wisdom & Discernment,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

Learn to listen to the providence of God. Obedience to the clear commands of Scripture, coupled with discernment in God’s providence, will yield immense clarity for what you’re actually called to do (and what you’re NOT called to do).

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Gospel Sacrifice vs. Sinful Sacrifice

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Scripture: 1 Samuel 15:20-23
Topics: Wisdom & Discernment, Wisdom & Discernment, Calling, Christian Contentment, Stewardship, Wisdom & Discernment,
Contributor: Joel Webbon

This article is a part of an extended series of articles. If a particular statement seems to be lacking sufficient support or clarification, we encourage you to go back and read the previous articles, as well as commit to reading the following articles as they are published. Thank you for your patience. TWO TYPES OF SACRIFICE         …