The Weekly Essentials | 12-16-2022

In by Right Response Staff

Right Response Ministries has produced hundreds of high-quality videos/podcasts. So for your convenience, every Friday we provide a list of our top five videos for the week. Each of these videos are personally selected by Pastor Joel Webbon. He has insisted that we not merely highlight our most popular content, but the content that he believes is most vital for Christians to be convicted, emboldened, and encouraged. May God use this content to bless you richly.

#1 In Vitro Fertilization & Children Who Die In Infancy | with C.R. Cali

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel is joined by Cali to discuss the sinister underpinnings of In Vitro Fertilization. Joel and Cali also thoroughly address a timeless question from the Scripture: Do children who die in infancy go to heaven or hell?

#2 As Tyranny Rises, Christians Must Be Shrewd

There is a difference between sinful deceit and Christian shrewdness.

#3 The Doctrine Of Fearlessly Fleeing | Hebrews 11:23-28

There is such a thing as cowardly fleeing, and then there is “advancing to the rear.” Christians need to think strategically about where they live.

#4 The Massive Void In Evangelicalism | Mark Dever, Matt Chandler, Tim Keller, & Russell Moore

The mighty have fallen. Here are some characteristics of the type of man who will fill the void.

#5 Is Starting A Christian School Included In The Great Commission?

If I start a Christian school (even though that's not explicitly what Jesus said to do), is it fair to call this endeavor a part of the Great Commission, in so far as it serves to fulfill the Great Commission? In other words, is the Great Commission merely evangelism and discipleship? Is it exclusively tied to the Church? Where does the Great Commission begin, and more specifically, where does it end?

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