The Weekly Essentials | 11-25-2022

In by Right Response Staff

Right Response Ministries has produced hundreds of high-quality videos/podcasts. So for your convenience, every Friday we provide a list of our top five videos for the week. Each of these videos are personally selected by Pastor Joel Webbon. He has insisted that we not merely highlight our most popular content, but the content that he believes is most vital for Christians to be convicted, emboldened, and encouraged. May God use this content to bless you richly.

#1 The True History Of Thanksgiving & The Gay GOP Senators Who Dishonor It | with Steve Deace

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel Webbon welcomes Steve Deace (from the Blaze Network) back on the show. Steve carefully explains the true origins of Thanksgiving Day. Then Steve and Joel turn to the disgraceful decision of 12 GOP senators who recently voted to codify Obergefell into law, leaving Christians completely vulnerable to the Spirit of the Age. This episode is fire. Buckle up.

#2 Can Unbelievers Please God?

“For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” Romans‬ ‭14:23‬ ‭ESV‬‬. Watch the full sermon here:

#3 Patriachy | God’s Blessing Through Fathers | Hebrews 11:20-22

The common time of blessing with the Patriarchs was usually right before their death, so that the recipients of these blessings might have them strongly impressed upon their minds and be all the more careful to attend to them. Jacob is said to have blessed each of his sons (as well as the sons of Joseph) in faith because he delivered this blessing when there was no appearance of the fulfilment of it. We must understand that Jacob blessed both the two sons of Joseph under the guidance and inspiration of the Spirit of God, choosing to set Ephraim before Manasseh. And when he delivered these blessings he firmly believed they would be fulfilled, although they were currently residing in a strange and foreign land.

#4 3 Questions I Ask My Kids In Family Worship

This is what pastors and fathers keep missing as they seek to raise the next generation of Christians. Watch the full sermon here:

#5 Is God Ever Thankful Toward Us?

A friend and I had a discussion over this question: Is God ever thankful? More particularly, is God ever thankful towards those who obey His Word? Or should we merely say that God is “pleased” with our obedience?

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