The Weekly Essentials | 03-31-2023

In by Right Response Staff

Right Response Ministries has produced hundreds of high-quality videos/podcasts. So for your convenience, every Friday we provide a list of our top five videos for the week. Each of these videos are personally selected by Pastor Joel Webbon. He has insisted that we not merely highlight our most popular content, but the content that he believes is most vital for Christians to be convicted, emboldened, and encouraged. May God use this content to bless you richly.

#1 Ending Abortion | Incrementalism Vs. Abolitionism | with Dusty Deevers and Jacob Miller

In this episode of Theology Applied, Pastor Joel Webbon welcomes Jacob Miller and Dusty Deevers to the show to make a biblical case for why Christians should take the abolitionist stance on abortion.

#2 How To Hand A Man Over To Satan

There are times when we must hand certain men over to Satan. Watch the full sermon here:

#3 What I Learned After Years Of Thinking I Was Going To Hell - Sermon

This sermon was preached at Covenant Bible Church on the Lord's Day, March 26th, 2023.

This sermon is a summary of the entirety of 1 John. It also serves as a comprehensive primer on the Doctrine of the Assurance of Salvation.

#4 Russell Moore, The Enneagram, & Gifts Vs. Fruit | Live with Pastor Joel

A year after Russell Moore helped advance false claims that the enneagram has ‘Christian roots,’ and four months after he and Beth Moore shared their enneagram personalities, the former ERLC President and current Editor in Chief at Christianity Today is scheduled to be a speaker at ‘The Gospel For Enneagram Summit.’

#5 Should I Financially Support Right Response Or My Local Church?

How should families determine a plan for giving financially to the church and other ministries? What are the primary considerations that come to mind?

We humbly ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with Right Response Ministries. Right Response Ministries is seeking to continue to be a voice of reason in a world that has gone mad, but we cannot accomplish this without your help.