The Weekly Essentials | 03-17-2023

In by Right Response Staff

Right Response Ministries has produced hundreds of high-quality videos/podcasts. So for your convenience, every Friday we provide a list of our top five videos for the week. Each of these videos are personally selected by Pastor Joel Webbon. He has insisted that we not merely highlight our most popular content, but the content that he believes is most vital for Christians to be convicted, emboldened, and encouraged. May God use this content to bless you richly.

#1 Should Presbyterians & Reformed Baptists Be In The Same Local Church? | with Dr. Joe Boot

Infant Baptism or Believers’ Baptism? Westminster or the 1689? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And is it wise for Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists to belong in membership at the same local church, knowing there are significant theological differences between them?

#2 This Is The #1 Biblical Doctrine That Big Eva Hates!

If you can’t affirm this biblical principle as true, you are outside of Christian Orthodoxy!

#3 Sheep, Goats, & The Great Shepherd | Hebrews 13:20-25

*This sermon was preached at Covenant Bible Church on the Lord's Day, March 12th, 2023.*

This is the first time in the whole book of Hebrews that Jesus is referred to as “the Great Shepherd” (Hebrews 13:20). As the author finishes his letter, he wants to assure his hearers that they are in good hands. Christ will lead us. Christ will protect us. And most importantly, Christ has promised to never lose us.

#4 Consider These 7 Doctrines When Looking For A Church | Live Pastor Joel Webbon

Pastor Joel Webbon provides a list of the seven most important doctrines Christians should consider when looking to join a local church.

#5 Yes, A Good Church Is Worth Moving To

Your family isn’t going to make it in our current cultural climate without the protection of a solid church community. Sadly, faithful churches are few and far between, but it’s worth moving to one if you have to.

Watch the full episode here with Eric Conn:

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